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What I want to see in 2012
I want Obama to lose.

American Politics is framed by the system. That we've come to believe that politics can only exist inside this system is a myth.

I want Obama to lose and rally a political force outside the realm of Congress, outside the realm of ballots and elections, outside Corporate interests.

Would African-Americans have gained Civil Rights had they attempted to act within the boundaries of the then-current political system?

Representative Politics is the Politics of Anonymity. We elect the people to represent us and then we shoo them into dark rooms with no windows and get angry at them when we don't see the results.

As Americans we should be angry at ourselves for letting this happen time and time again. Do you know why ours is the greatest Democracy on the planet? It's because we created it. Because we the people endowed the system with its power. Now we've convinced ourselves we are powerless against that very same system. 

Every politician runs his or her campaign on the basis that he or she will move to Washington and clean it up. "It's all corrupt and I'm going to fix it." But the truth of the matter is that monumental and infrastructural fixes do not come from inside.

I personally think American politics has reached a point of stagnation. Parties know how to achieve power but then they don't know what responsibility they owe to that power except to maintain it. Sure, Obama has been able to push through an agenda, his financial overhaul and health care. But does anyone in the country feel this agenda is his own? I know the golden age of the Nation is long dead and a united patriotism and communal interest seems mythical, but why should this be the case?

The Republicans may have won back Congress in Force, but they aren't any real majority. Put every elected official into one party and they don't even constitute a majority. The people are the power, the people are the majority, the masses are key.

I want Obama to lose in 2012 and rally a force that I know he is capable of. What exactly he should do with that force is open to discussion but I do know that last week 200,000 people rallied in Washington to laugh at some political jokes with a high degree of self-deprecation, as if everyone in that crowd knew that they'd already lost. And to what end did that crowd meet? There was hardly a message, not even to go out on Tuesday and vote.

What Stewart and Colbert proved last week and Glenn Beck before them is that the American mass still exists. What that mass needs to become convinced of is that it is Democracy, not the government.

It's like we have a mouth but no tongue.

What we need right now in this country is a politician outside the system who can articulate our discontent with the system. If Obama loses in 2012. Maybe it can be him.
I want Obama to win. The alternative is too dire. Do you really want a President Palin? Do you really think she would not be able to do irreparable damage, not only to America, but to the world at large? The Republicans and the Tea Party members that inspire it are too reckless. They don't see the world as it is, but only as they think it ought to be -- and that view is not even consistent from one to another. The only thing that holds them together is their anger based on the lies they've been told by Fox News. We can't afford to wait while they learn the truth on the job.
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