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What if the devil could be killed?
I had a strange dream tonight where there was the devil, obviously disguised, and a guy who recognized he is the devil. The guy wanted to shoot him in the head, but first in order to prove he is the devil to put a cross on his forehead (no religious connotations – simply taken from vampire movies). The people in the party stopped the guy from killing and the devil escaped.

What would happen if the devil would actually be killed? He could have immediately shot him. What if there was no more The Devil? How would life be? It’s hard, or impossible to imagine. And that is exactly the problem – we don’t kill the devil because we don’t believe it is possible (or at least that is part of the reason… :-) ).

How many things in our lives do we withstand only because we don’t believe it could be different. We accept being in horrible relationships. We don’t fix many parts of our relationships. We accept big companies controlling our lives. We accept, so many things. How different would life be if we didn’t accept bad situations but rather tried to do something about them. How different would life be if we tried more often to do the impossible.

What if the devil could be killed?
On the one hand I wouldn't like to kill my devils--they are 'the best thing that's in me'.
And that brings to mind that there's more than one devil--there are many and they are in us.
Greed &
Envy to name a few.

Although they all really come down to fear, don't they?
Anyway, if I and you and everyone hadn't a devil or two we'd be walking around smiling and deadened like lobotomy patients.
I complain about the bad and the stupid but the contrast and tension that devils create are what make life good.

Caravaggio had it right.  He would know.

In response to Linda OReilly
Wow. I have always been reprimanded for my thinking, which is so much like yours. I felt so lonely in my thoughts :P I believe that too! I complain about my problems but at the end of the day I desperately cling to them like a child with his last balloon on the ride home from a birthday party. My good experiences rarely change me, while every bad event in my life has made me who I am today. 
Oh, how fun.  It reminds me of my ill friend who couldn’t wait to be in Heaven to go deer hunting again with his brother. I wonder how excited the deer are about Heaven.  I suppose they would run out into the open with glee, kill me, kill me.  Everyone happy.  But if we suppose Satan to be the negative pole of a duality that allows the mind, allows comparison and choice, allows history as well as hunger and satisfaction of the appetites, then truly it would require a radical transformation, one we are incapable of imagining.  Because even our bodies in experiential space stand opposed to their backgrounds.  No, I’ll take the Devil for a little while longer.

So, would someone please tell me what's going on with that gibberish before proper names when I copy form Microsoft 
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