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The Arts Room Painting What is the relationship between abstraction and nature?
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What is the relationship between abstraction and nature?
I am an art student currently working on a series of paintings of abstract landscapes primarily with the use of color and texture. My idea was that the abstract quality creates this element of ambiguity in my work in which one form melts into another and there is no defining element that really lets you know where it is or what it is but reminds the viewer of a landscape of some form. In my mind, this element of ambiguity translates into a description of the relationship between us and our environment (in that we are removed from nature and there is an uncertainty within that relationship). However it was brought to my attention by a professor that perhaps the more abstract you get, the closer to nature you are, thus undermining the philosophy behind my work. What are your opinions on the relationship between abstraction and nature? How does an abstracted landscape painting comment on nature or man? What is the greater meaning of abstraction in terms of a landscape painting?
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