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What makes a genius?
In the brilliant last line of Woody Allen's "Whatever Works" the leading character who is "a genius" talks directly to the audience. The rest of the characters don't get who he's talking to thinking him mad, at which point he says:
"See, I'm the only one who sees the whole picture. That's what they mean by genius."

It's such a brilliant line. Most see only the movie they are in, but the genius sees outside the frame. The genius sees not only the possibility of opening the knot, but that they can cut the (gordian) knot. 
It is astonishing to see great artists seeing so clearly the future. For example seeing Nazi Germany, seeing world war II, etc. 

What makes a genius? Seeing more is one example. For instance, if one is in a ward where everyone is blind, the one who can see can seem to be a genius. They walk differently and act differently. Things are clearer to them and simpler. But is that the only way to be a genius? 

In that same ward there maybe someone who is also deaf, and yet has such a keen sense of smell so as to smell ("to see")  what others can't. Being privileged to a certain area may also make someone seem to be a genius.

What makes a genius? If one can choose to become a genius, can one learn to see the audience, so to say, in the movie we are acting in? To see the other side of the screen.

A genius is not something separate from our lives, only perhaps an extreme case. Whatever we can learn here, we can apply in our everyday life as well.
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