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What should we expect from a Republican congress? What should we fear?
What should we expect from a Republican congress? What should we fear?

The Republican have conquered congress by what some define as a “just say no” strategy of simply saying no to 'everything' and obstructing Obama from doing 'anything.' What should a Republican congress manage to do during this term? Is simply obstructing Obama from passing legislature good enough for Republicans and they will be satisfied, or do they expect more from the congress they voted for and expect them, given their position of power, to actually do something? What would that something be?

Democrats – what should we fear besides obstructionism?

I expect them to not look after the people that put them into office.

I expect them to sustain a policy and an agenda that is absolutely negligent of the actual needs of their constituency.

I expect them to be loved for it.

Sometimes I just want to shake people and ask them why don't they get it?

What does it take for people to learn they are being duped?

What rocketed Republicans back into power this midterm election was money. People voted Republican because they thought they were voting for like-minded bank accounts. And it's true. The people in office represent the interests of autonomous bank accounts. These are the people who don't want to share. And why should they? They don't stand to gain from sharing. And so their American ideal of independence has everything to do with personal monetary achievement.  But what they've convinced the American Public of is that they too don't stand to gain from sharing. This is a falsity meant to mollify the public from the anger they should wake up to every morning, that big corporate interests are taking advantage of them.

Socialism they call it. What's so wrong with socialism? Care for thy neighbor? So-called Bible belt huh?

In response to Mark Opal
I've long wondered how people perceive the current  republican ideology when they vote republican but are middle class working folks.  Has our public education failed them, or are history books written differently nowadays? It is not normal to vote against your own welfare as many people do when they vote republican.  I was especially flummoxed by the re-election of George W. Bush in 2008 after the Americans knew the invasion of Iraq had no merit or truth in the "weapons of mass destruction" reason given.   He was re-elected!!!   Wall Street, protected republican bastion,  has been blamed for the crippling blows it caused the international financial system, and for the housing crises specifically here as well as the losses sustained by people whose money was lost or wasted in so many ways.  My husband insists that republicans are in the minority so how do they pull it off?   Having lived through the 2nd world war, I often think their propaganda machine is as effective as the German's under Goebbels (also attributed to William James, and Lenin in one wording or another), that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.  And I believe they were right. 
However misguided, I still think, and like to think, that the American voting public will see where their best chances lay, and will vote the rascals out, God willing.  It is after all just common sense to vote for the democrats if you are a working American. 

In response to Mavis Norton
That's because they don't vote based on economic interest. They vote for moral positions. "Love of country". "Illegals are ruining us." "Family values." etc.
There is a deep hunger for spiritual meaning in this country, and the Republicans have figured out how to tap into it. It is not illogical to vote against your economic interest if you believe your moral compass is under attack.

In this comment, I make no judgement about the legitimacy of the common Republican voter's moral values. It would be presumptuous. But I do see the Republican strategy of appealing to the moral sense of their voter base in order to further their real agenda as disingenuous. In all the years of their hype and positioning, they have still failed to deliver on these promises (banning abortion, flag burning amendment, expelling illegals, etc.) while being sure to deliver on things like big tax cuts for the rich, deregulation of financial markets, subsidizing oil companies, and so on.
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