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Why do people love kids?
Why is it that everybody loves kids so much?  What I mean is: let’s say somebody brings a baby into the room. Everybody wants to see it, touch it, talk to it.  People might not like it, but no one is offended by it. No one takes anything a baby does personally.

Let’s say you go on a road trip with a 5-year-old. You might worry about lots of things, but what to say isn’t one of them. You might chat, you might just watch the world go by – but you just don’t get the feeling that silences are failures of communication.

So, I have a theory about this. I think people like being around kids just because they don’t feel the pressure which comes from interactions with adults. There’s intentionality there, but it’s somehow totally unproblematic.  It’s a chance to be with someone who has, oddly enough, essentially no interest in or opinion about most of the things adults notice about you. (To a lesser extent, people feel the same way about puppies.)

I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from this.
I think we need to narrow our focus. Do you mean interactions with non children kids? I'm not sure when I would ever go on a road trip with a 5 year old I wasn't related to. And in that case I'm only humoring him because I'm related to him. On that note is unfair to call it humoring? Is that patronizing? I'm not really treating a 5 year old like an idiot, it's more like me becoming a 5 year old. That's why I like kids, because I can just be silly. Which I guess is what you're saying. But really, I'm not around kids that often. Only the ones I'm related to and none are so kid-like anymore.

What I think is weird is how politically correct we've become about kids. In New York adults cannot enter playgrounds without the accompaniment of a youthmeister. How is that fair? Sometimes I just have the hankering to go swinging. Likewise, parents will flip the freak out if a photographer takes a picture of the scenery and it happens to capture their precious behind the subject. Kids are cute, why the hell do we have to freak out and keep the cuteness to ourselves? Not every person on the street is a perverted sexual deviant.

Maybe we like kids because we want to be kids again. Do you remember how awesome it was to be a kid? I mean cmon, they've got some sort of secret going on that we somehow forgot when we touched our penis for the first time. But what aged kids are we talking about? Below 8? That's when they get freaking annoying. Have you ever seen a pack of 10 year olds at the Aquarium. I'm fairly sure it's the closest thing we get to hell on earth. And what about babies? There is nothing appealing about babies. They are like aliens. Babies don't become human until they start crawling, but really until they can walk. I have no desire to hold a baby. It's not much different than holding a baby pig I imagine. With probably more of a chance to get peed on.

Maybe we like kids because they love us. At a certain childish age there is no fear to show affection. That's why dogs are man's best friend,  because they have no problem showing us how they feel. Kids stop being kids the moment they start hiding their emotions.

This all reminds me of a joke by Demetri Martin:

"I heard this lady say “I love kids.” That's nice, a little weird though. It's like saying “I like people, for a little while."
We like kids because they're beautiful,wide eyed and full of hope-less tarnished than us-yeah it's idealistic and probably illusory but when your child is small it really is an absolute joy-this is the voice of experience !!!!
I like my kids - can't abide others'. Saying "I like kids" is a generic term as in "I like puppies". It really doesn't mean anything. BUT when it comes to your own your love is deep, fierce and all consuming.
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